How is obsidian made?

How is obsidian made?

How is obsidian made?

L’Obsidian is a rock formed by the natural volcanic glass that forms when lava solidifies so quickly that the minerals do not have time to crystallize. The name of theObsidian comes from a Roman Obsius who brought back for the first time to Rome a piece ofObsidian from Ethiopia.

What are the powers of obsidian?

The protective power of obsidian is very great mentally and spiritually. Therefore, it is recommended to handle it with great care. This stone represents an unparalleled bulwark to neutralize negative spiritual flows and influxes.

What are the benefits of obsidian?

When you wear an obsidian, it acts on your body. It promotes wound healing, food digestion, relieves muscle cramps and back pain. It also has a detoxifying power by promoting good blood circulation.

What are the benefits of Rainbow Obsidian?

For personal development, rainbow obsidian is the ideal medium. Also, it promotes the expansion of your aura as well as the elevation of the spirit and the soul. This stone is both comforting and liberating.

What are the benefits of Celestial Eye Obsidian?

Celestial Eye Obsidian is even considered by some to be the stone with the greatest protective capacity. In general, lithotherapists attribute many qualities to Obsidian, which would have beneficial properties on the physical, mental and emotional levels, but also on the spiritual level.