How is plastic recycled?

How is plastic recycled?

How is plastic recycled?

The recycling of the bottle plastic The bottles in plastic recycle in the yellow selective sorting container. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is the most widely used polymer for the manufacture of plastic bottles. plastic and it is also one of the most easily recyclable.

How to recycle plastic?

The first stage of this recycling, it is me who carries it out by doing the right sorting at home. Then, my waste will follow the plastic recycling process until it becomes new, sometimes surprising products.

How to recycle plastic waste?

First step: Plastic collection. Collection is a decisive step in the process of recycling plastic waste. It is carried out by simple plastic users who sort their plastic waste at home and deposit it in the sorting bins or containers provided for this purpose.

What are the stages of the recycling process?

The different stages of the recycling process First stage: Collection of plastics Second stage: The sorting center Third stage: Grinding and cleaning Fourth stage: Drying Fifth stage: Homogenization Sixth stage: Obtaining granules

How do I recycle my plastic packaging?

My collected waste then goes in a truck to the sorting centre. 2nd step in recycling my plastic packaging: the sorting centre. Once they arrive at a sorting centre, for my plastic packaging, the recycling process continues.