How is plastic surgery performed?

How is plastic surgery performed?

How is plastic surgery performed?

The specialist in plastic surgery occurs at different stages:

  1. the pre-operative assessment, to decide on the best treatment adapted to the patient’s case, and if necessary to plan the extent of the intervention;
  2. the operation itself;
  3. post-operative follow-up.

Why is cosmetic surgery dangerous?

The infectious risks associated with plastic surgery This risk is always feared by surgeons even with taking antibiotics. An infection is manifested by redness, swelling of the operated area and fever. The appearance of an infection often depends on the patient’s state of health.

Why do we say plastic surgery?

The plastic surgery is the surgical specialty which mainly concerns the skin and non-visceral soft tissues of the body for the purpose of reconstruction mainly and aesthetics.

What is the salary of a plastic surgeon?

One plastic surgeon earns between €3,654 gross and €22,242 gross per month in France, i.e. a salary average of €12,948 gross per month, before payment of charges and taxes, which represent approximately 60% of income from the liberal professions.

Is cosmetic surgery dangerous?

But if he is wrong to say that the cosmetic surgery isdangerous “, zero risk does not exist. Indeed, any surgical procedure requires the use of products which are used in the best conditions, of course, but which may not be completely harmless.

What are the side effects of cosmetic surgery?

2. Anesthetic risks

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Sore throat (due to intubation)
  • Weak feeling, blurred vision.
  • Chills and headaches.
  • Itching.
  • Bruising and pain at injection sites.
  • Transient memory and concentration disorders.

What are the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery?

Complications are rare, but they do exist… and can have dramatic consequences. He is It is therefore essential to find out about the risks associated with the implanted products, the scars, the possible bleeding, but also the possible failures in order to make an informed decision.

When was cosmetic surgery created?

In 1968, in Rio, Dr. Ivo Pitanguy set up the first clinic for plastic surgery. In 1977, the famous Doctor Illouz perfected the liposuction technique. The surgery liposuction has since benefited from many advances and is surgery today aesthetic the most practiced in the world.

What study to be a plastic surgeon?

Recommended training: Seven years in college of medicine followed of two years studies in surgery general and finally a specialization of 4 years in surgery plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic. He can then specialize in a part of the body.

What are the different types of plastic surgery?

The specialist in plastic surgery can devote himself to a more restricted area of ​​his specialty. Let us cite for example: cosmetic surgery (which aims to improve or modify a visible and healthy part of the body but considered unsightly); or major burns surgery. When does the plastic surgeon intervene?

Why hire a plastic surgery specialist?

Plastic surgery became a necessity despite itself during the two world wars, as the seriousness of the injuries, the atrocity of the wounds but also the types of mutilation suffered by the soldiers were important. The specialist in plastic surgery can devote himself to a more restricted area of ​​his specialty.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is the surgical specialty that deals with the repair or remodeling of a part of the human body. The body is thus rebuilt following an accident, an illness or following a malformation that appeared at birth…

What is the role of a plastic surgery specialist?

The specialist in plastic surgery is called upon for surgical procedures most often, but also for non-surgical procedures. Concerning surgical interventions, let us quote in particular: or a rhinoplasty. Regarding non-surgical interventions, let us quote for example: or laser hair removal.