How is rock wool made?

How is rock wool made?

How is rock wool made?

Manufacturing of the Rockwool It is obtained by melting in a coke-heated furnace, called a cupola, at 1,460°C. The liquid material that comes out is therefore a basalt lava that is centrifuged, blown or extruded.

How does rock wool work?

The Rockwool is a mineral insulating material, made from basalt, a rock volcanic. To get the Rockwool, basalt is melted at a very high temperature. Then this rock in fusion is changed into fibers thanks to rapidly rotating wheels.

What is Rockwool Technical Insulation?

ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation provides comfort, sound and fire insulation for ships and offshore platforms. ROCKWOOL is a leading player in the field of fire-retardant and durable insulation solutions based on stone wool.

Is stone wool durable?

Did you know that ROCKWOOL stone wool is a sustainable material and that our stone wool products fit perfectly into a circular economy? Learn more about circularity here.

How is stone wool made into fibers?

the molten rock is then transformed into fibers by the action of wheels rotating at high speed, a binder and impregnating oil are added to the fibers to make the insulation stable and water repellent. Rock wool is a durable insulator with a positive carbon balance: it is infinitely recyclable!

Why do we recycle stone wool?

Indeed, some manufacturers, such as Rockwhool, recycle all the waste from the manufacture of rock wool. Rock wool is an insulator that has amazing characteristics that make it essential in your construction and renovation projects.