How is the crankshaft lubricated?

How is the crankshaft lubricated?

How is the crankshaft lubricated?

The lubrication from crankshaft and pistons The oil circulates inside the crankshaft in a channel which leads to holes of lubrication drilled on each trunnion and crank pin. She lubricates the entire contact surface between the bearings and the journals/crankpins.

How to lubricate an engine?

The lubrication consists of applying a layer of oil between two metal parts, this prevents these parts from rubbing against each other, but for this the choice of viscosity according to the temperatures is vital.

What is the role of lubrication?

Lubrication or lubrication is a set of techniques to reduce friction, wear between two elements in contact and moving relative to each other. It often makes it possible to evacuate part of the thermal energy generated by this friction, as well as to avoid corrosion…

How to do lubrication?

This can be done manually, for example by depositing drops of oil with a cruet, by placing grease with the fingers (if it is not toxic), or by applying the lubricant with a brush. . This is for example the case of the lubrication of a bicycle chain, the hinges of a door…

What is the brake caliper piston?

The piston of the brake caliper allows to actuate the latter to press the brake pads on the disc. It therefore participates in the braking of your car. But it happens that it seizes or that it is difficult to put it back after a change of caliper or pads.

How to destroy a brake caliper piston?

You can heat them with a blowtorch to destroy it. Finally, remove the brake caliper. Push back the brake caliper piston: A seized brake caliper piston refuses to return to its housing. Similarly, after an intervention on the braking system, the piston must be put back in the brake caliper.

How to install a piston pin?

The piston pins can be mounted in different ways. Until recent years, they were most often fitted “fat” in the piston. The clips removed, in this case it suffices to push it by hand to extract the axle. To fit a new axle, proceed as follows: