How is the local equipment tax calculated?

How is the local equipment tax calculated?

How is the local equipment tax calculated?

For calculate the amount of the tax development, multiply the taxable area of ​​the building created by the annual value per m2 (see below), then multiply this result by the rate voted by the local authority. The annual values ​​per m2 of surface are defined by order.

What is the difference between space and plane?

In space it’s easy, the formulas are exactly the same as in the plan! The only difference is of course when we do the calculations, there are three coordinates instead of 2. In Terminale we generally only see 2 sets of points, which will be simpler than in 2 dimensions.

How to calculate the points of the line in space?

In space, we do things completely differently, we make a system with one parameter, which we will denote t. By varying the t, we get all the points on the line.

What is Open Space?

The “Manuel des Sociotopes” defines open space as “non-urbanized land or an aquatic space, having no transport or terminal functions” (which excludes roads and car parks).

How to write a straight line equation in space?

You remember that in the plane, a straight line equation is of the form: ax + by + c = 0. Well the equation of a plane in space is very similar, just add z: Again there there is an advantage in writing it in this form, because we know that then, a vector NORMAL to the plane is: