How is the money calculated?

How is the money calculated?

How is the money calculated?

For example, if you have two 50 euro bills, three 20 euro bills, four 10 euro bills and two 5 euro bills, you should see in the “Total” column: “100, 60, 40, 10”. Add it all up and you will normally arrive at a total of 210 euros.

How to calculate the coupon payment?

Calculate coupon payment 1 Use coupon rate and face amount to determine payment per year. If you have the face amount of the bond as well as the coupon rate, you can determine the annual coupon payment by multiplying the coupon rate by the face value of the bond.

How to calculate the value of a coupon?

The value of each of the coupon payments depends on the terms of the bond. Knowing how to determine the value of a coupon payment is a matter of simple calculation. Find the value or face amount of the bond. The very first amount to know is the nominal amount of the bond.

What are the amounts on the Payslip?

Explanations to understand the amounts on the payslip. The basic salary or basic monthly salary (SMB) is the salary provided for in the employment contract. It corresponds to the remuneration fixed between the employee and his employer on the basis of a full-time employment contract or on a flat-rate basis.

Is the identity of the payment valid?

The identity of the payment and the obligation is valid regardless of the purpose of the payment, including sums of money in a certain currency. The creditor may refuse payment on the basis of the binding force of the contract.