How is the NPS calculated?

How is the NPS calculated?

How is the NPS calculated?

the Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the percentage of promoters and subtracting the percentage of detractors. the NPS not’is not expressed as a percentage, but as an absolute number that falls between -100 and +100.

How to interpret an NPS?

Interpretation from NPS One NPS of 0 indicates a “neutral” satisfaction of the participants, our company and our solutions will not be criticized or acclaimed. More the NPS is positive, the better. One Net Promoter Score of 50 is considered excellent and difficult to achieve.

How to ask the NPS question?

The question related to Net Promoter Score The most efficient approach is to simply use the question as expected: “What is the probability that you recommend [votre entreprise] to a friend or colleague? (0 = “not at all likely”, 10 = “very likely”). »

Who created the NPS?

Fred Reichheld What is it that the NPS ? Let’s start with a quick history. the Net Promoter Score was officially invented and formulated by Fred Reichheld in the early 2000s to become today an essential methodology for traditional or online businesses.

Why is NPS important?

In what a NPS perhaps important For Your Business? the NPS is today a widely used tool to understand the perception of your brand by its customers. Simple to install, it provides you with actionable feedback, which gives you insight into how people feel about your brand.