How is the paper sorted?

How is the paper sorted?

How is the paper sorted?

So the sort is very simple: the paper goes in the yellow bins (most of the time) or blue bins when these exist. Companies producing waste papers of office are now required to sort at source and organize their collection separately from other waste.

Where to throw personal papers?

Place the documents in a large trash can.

  • Large plastic trash cans are sold in supply or construction stores, as well as in some big box stores. They are also for sale online.
  • Take the documents out of their envelopes.

How to recycle paper?

Paper recycling begins with the consumer sorting various types of paper into recycling bins. Almost all paper can be recycled, and specialist paper recycling companies pick up matte, glossy and colored papers as well as cardboard.

How long does paper recycling take?

With each recycling, the cellulose fibers get shorter, so that after 6 to 8 whole cycles, the paper has little chance of being recycled.

What is the difference between recycled paper and paper made from 100% wood?

Indeed, it is more ecological to make recycled paper than paper made from 100% wood. In addition, recycling paper results in little waste because 100 g of paper = 90 g of new paper. In addition, the paper can be recycled 5 to 7 times without losing its quality.

How is paper recycling organised?

And today in France, less than one in two sheets is recycled. The objective set by the state is to achieve a paper recycling rate of 60% in 2018. How is paper recycling organised? 1. Paper sorting