How is the real estate market currently?

How is the real estate market currently?

How is the real estate market currently?

As proof, the price of apartments increased in France by 5.2% between January and October 2021, against + 9% for houses. In addition, the strongest increases in the price index per square meter were observed in urban areas such as Poitiers, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin or Vannes.

How do I know if a property is for sale?

Concretely, you just have to go to the site: By clicking on the desired house or building on an interactive map, the price of sale from Property in question appears.

What is the price of an apartment in New York?

Know that this year 2020, the square meter in town at New York costs around €13,011.9. This tariff is an average, but can go down to €9711.43 and go up to €18,044.4 depending on the neighborhood you choose.

How to know the goods sold?

By going to, you can select a department, a municipality, a cadastral section or even a parcel. An interactive map of France also allows you to zoom in on a specific area and discover information, via a detailed map of your district.

How do you know if a house has been for sale for a long time?

We knew Petits Cailloux to follow the real estate ads on SeLoger. VS’is a service that allows you to study since how long an apartment or a east house to to sell and How? ‘Or’ What changed its presentation price. A new tool has recently emerged, it is Castorus.

What is the real estate market analysis?

The analysis of the real estate market is taken from the Note on the real estate situation of the notaries of France. It presents the real estate situation in France: trend and evolution of real estate prices.

What are the changes in the pace of the real estate market in 2022?

If the real estate market in 2022 seems to follow the same trends as in 2021, a change of pace could still occur. Explanations The countryside: the new eldorado for property buyers?

What is the situation of the real estate market in Quebec in 2022?

The decline in the real estate market continued in February, but the market remains very active. For all of Quebec: The number of sales recorded in February 2022 decreased by 14.7% compared to February 2021;

What major trends are emerging for real estate in 2022, after a year 2021 marked by an explosion in sales of old homes, a price increase of 7.4% on average, and stability in mortgage rates?