How is the salary supplement calculated?

How is the salary supplement calculated?

How is the salary supplement calculated?

If you are paid monthly*, this is equal to the total of your last 3 wages gross monthly income (within the limit of 1.8 times the current monthly minimum wage), divided by 91.25. The IJs amount to 50% of this salary daily. Example: You were paid €2,000 per month for the 3 months preceding your work stoppage.

How does business interruption insurance work?

L’business interruption insurance allows the company to compensate for the effects of the reduction in turnover and to cope with its fixed costs as well as a reduction in its results by covering permanent general expenses (depreciation, taxes and duties, rents, remuneration personnel, interests of …

How is the work accident calculated?

Take an example of calculation. Your gross salary the month before your work accident is 2,100 euros. The amount of your compensation accident from work to calculated thus: During the first 28 days of sick leave: Reference Daily Salary (SJR) x 60% = (2,100 / 30.42) x 60% = 41.42 euros.

How to calculate production losses?

This is a company-specific parameter that varies over time to indicate the production losses. It is calculated by the following formula: TRS = the production real / the production theoretical maximum.

How to calculate the 90% salary maintenance?

The employee on sick leave can benefit from the maintenance of his salary raw. This salary maintenance legal is provided for by the labor code for at least 60 days. It corresponds first to 90% of gross remuneration then two-thirds.

What damage is covered by the operating loss guarantee of an insurance contract taken out by a company?

In the business interruption insurance contracts basic, professionals can be Covered if the following disasters impact their activity and their turnover: fire, explosion, lightning, smoke, shame electricity, storm, hail, snow, frost, water damage, floods, natural disasters, …

What is machine breakdown?

Whatis machine breakdown insurance ? This is a contract ofinsurance who allows coverage of machinery and other industrial and technical production equipment during their operation by the insured.

How to calculate the cost of a production stoppage?

the cost real time stop (TDC – True Downtime Cost) a company is the sum of all costs incurred when the production is interrupted, as well as all the resources necessary to resolve the cause from problem.

What is Wage Loss Insurance?

Loss of salary insurance allows the insured to receive, if the risk materializes (illness, accident, etc.), daily allowances in addition to those of Social Security and their employer. Thanks to this provision, it is possible that the salary will be maintained at 100% in the event of a temporary cessation of activity.

Is loss of income and maintenance of salary insurance for everyone?

Is GMF loss of income and salary maintenance insurance for everyone? No. GMF loss of income and maintenance of salary insurance is intended for any salaried person or active public service agent.

What is Loss of Earnings Insurance?

Loss of income insurance compensates the insured when he suffers a loss of income related to a work stoppage: or following a life accident.

Who can take out loss of income insurance?

Loss of income insurance is marketed by many insurers, mutual organizations, banks… It remains to be seen who can, or must, subscribe to it.