How is the spongy tissue?

How is the spongy tissue?

How is the spongy tissue?

The bone spongyotherwise known as trabecular bone, is predominant in short bones, such as the vertebrae. He is friable, made up of bony lamellae or bony trabeculae arranged in a non-concentric way around cavities or areolas, filled with red bone marrow.

How is compact bone formed?

One compact bone is a bony tissue which consists of the osteon with the Haversian canals, osteocytes and canaliculi.

How to recognize epithelial tissue?

Types of epithelia

  1. They differ in the shape of their cells: – squamous epithelium; – Cubic epithelium (cells as wide as they are tall); …
  2. They are differentiated by the arrangement of the cells: – simple (a single layer of cells): all the cells are in contact with the MB;

What is a compact bone?

Structure of thebone L’compact bone is the dense, hard and smooth outer part of thebone. It surrounds the spinal canal and contains blood vessels and nerves. The medullary canal is the hollow part of thebone which contains bone marrow.

What is the role of compact bone?

The bone tissue compact forms the outer cortex of thebone and protects the internal part made up of spongy tissue (crossed by trabeculae). This shell ofcompact bone is particularly thick in the middle portion of the body of bone long, this who gives them the necessary rigidity.

What are the different types of cancellous bone?

The spongy bone, placed below and less dense, is solidified by various minerals and in particular calcium. You should know that a distinction is made between type 1 osteoporosis (the most common) and type 2 osteoporosis. The first affects the spongy bone, this central part of the bone, while the second concerns the cortical bone. .

What is Cancellous Bone?

The spongy bone, which is so called because of its sponge-like structure, is located at the two ends of the long bone called the epiphyses, on which the greatest compressive forces are exerted. This type of bone tissue contains the red spinal cord which produces the various blood cells: blood platelets.

What is Cancellous Bone Disease?

Is characterized by thickening of the cancellous bone resulting in increased bone density. Generalized disease characterized by a decrease in bone mass and bone quality.

What is the difference between long bone and compact bone?

The long bone is made up of an outer layer, the compact bone (smooth and dense) and inside the compact bone is the spongy bone, which is made up of small lamellae or bony trabeculae.