How is the truth Recognized?

How is the truth Recognized?

How is the truth Recognized?

The sign or criterion of truth is therefore, fundamentally, of a rational order. Thus it must be said that it resides, not outside the human mind, but in the human mind itself, insofar as the latter is endowed with reason, the latter being conceived as the faculty of ideas, or again as the faculty of the universal.

How to know the philosophical truth?

The truth is the correspondence between what I say, and what is: it is therefore opposed to falsity – in the sense of error, but also of lying. hold the truthit is therefore to state an objective discourse that corresponds to reality.

What is the consequence of the truth?

The consequence is that it is impossible not to affirm anything with certainty. For Emmanuel Kant, truth, beyond science which is a construction, is a moral value which forbids lying even to an assassin who is looking for the victim he wants to kill.

What is the value of truth?

However, we must ask ourselves if the truth is unique and what is its value. Truth is first of all obvious in the sense that it is the adequacy of a discourse or a representation and an object: one cannot doubt what one sees. Besides, the truth is always a judgement.

Is the truth true?

Any judgement, knowledge, idea which conforms to reality is true; generally, to facts. In philosophy, is true, everything that is of the order of thought and that is consistent with experience. Truth is a relationship of conformity, of adequacy between thought and reality, but rather in the form of knowledge.

What is the proper virtue of truth?

The proper virtue of truth is not to satisfy desire or need but to instruct us on reality and on ourselves. The truth can be disappointing and cruel. It slices, clarifies in an objective way. We are not in a position to decide what is truth.