How is the water cleaned?

How is the water cleaned?

How is the water cleaned?

In some stations, the waters can rest for more than two hours in a large basin called a primary settling tank. Slowly the waters get rid of their impurities; the fine particles in suspension settle in the bottom of the basin where they are scraped and evacuated. This mass of material forms sludge.

How to recycle drinking water?

The easiest way is to place a barrel just below the gutter! More complex but ecologically winning, the treatment and reuse system for waters gray (laundry, dishes, shower) for the toilets or the irrigation of the garden (heat recuperator of the waters gray with subsidies).

How to make dirty water clean?

For render clearer of thedirty water, it can be passed through one or more filters: this is filtration. 2. When left to standdirty water and after removing the floating debris, some constituents settle to the bottom and thewater clears up: it is decantation.

Where does the dirty water go?

In France, the waters waste is collected, sent to treatment plants and depolluted before being returned to the natural environment.

How to recycle wastewater?

The recycling of wastewater is thus easier if it is considered and implemented during the construction of an individual house, even if it remains possible in renovation. On the practical side, the most natural method is based on the principle of phytopurification, as for an ecological individual sanitation system.

What are the benefits of recycling water?

Water recycling is first practiced for internal waste water from industries: some industries recycle their water, which thus operates in a closed circuit. Companies can thus aim to reduce their consumption by 40% to 90%. Recycled water can now be drinkable.

Why recycle water?

Recycling water properly is therefore a crucial issue in the world: explanations, issue, method, perspectives… Demographic pressure, exceptional seasonal droughts, permanent or accidental pollution, more than ever, water management is of vital importance. .

How to recycle water?

Water is becoming a rare commodity in some countries and it is important to preserve it by recycling it. Unlike the classic recycling cycle, the consumer does not have to do anything for the recycling of water. Water, once consumed, is altered by man.