How is the water treated?

How is the water treated?

How is the water treated?

After pumping, thewater is treated by pre-oxidation with chlorine or ozone, clarified by decantation or filtration, then refined by filtration with activated carbon. It then receives disinfection during its passage through an ultraviolet filter or by chemical oxidation.

How to treat borehole water?

Make use of thewater of wells and drilling filtered for shower and bath: To remove chlorine, chlorine derivatives and limescale from thewater aggressive for the skin and improve comfort, simply install a Sprite® shower filter or a Sprite filtering hand shower.

How to Deferrize Water?

Treat the iron in thewater using a BIRM iron remover: Birm is an economical filtering product that eliminates iron and manganese. Birm accelerates the reaction between dissolved oxygen and iron, so the iron hydroxide formed is easily filtered after precipitation.

How is water treated in France?

Common to all treatmentswaterdisinfection is produced by disinfecting agents (chlorine, chlorine dioxin or ozone), by ultraviolet treatment or by physical processes such as membrane filtration.

How to deal with ferrous water?

The solution. Experteau’s specialized filters such as Iron Curtain, OxyPure and FerroPlus effectively correct iron and manganese problems without the use of chemicals.

How does Sodeci treat water?

It has developed a biotechnological treatment process between stations (ZP1 and ZP3 – Abidjan), to reduce organic loads and odor nuisance from waters waste transported by its network. All these actions contribute to strengthening the performance of the SODECI in the sanitation sector.

How to treat wastewater?

Wastewater treatment is a tricky problem. Rich in organic matter but also in pollutants and dangerous substances such as ammonia, this water generally goes through purification before returning to nature. Unisciel and the University of Lille 1 reveal to us, with the Kézako program, the path from water to the river.

How is the water treated?

The treatment must succeed in producing water that meets minimum safety thresholds for more than 90 hazardous substances or elements. How is the water treated? In France, water is the most controlled food.

What is the composition of urban wastewater?

2.1. Composition of urban wastewater. Urban wastewater contains a large number of organic and inorganic compounds present in sewage (laden with urine and feces), dirty water from food preparation, laundry and bathrooms and in runoff water.

Why was wastewater treatment imposed?

Take-home messages Wastewater treatment was first imposed for health reasons in large urban centres, then took off in the 1970s to meet stricter standards for the preservation of natural environments.