How is wood fiber made?

How is wood fiber made?

How is wood fiber made?

This wool drinkentanglement of fibers resinous, is then “mineralized” itisi.e. impregnated with cement to make it resistant to all attacks, whether mold and fungus, insects and rodents or fire. The report is about 70% of drink for 30% cement and lime.

How is wood wool made?

The wood wool is made from chips of drink agglomerated, bound with water and then dried in the form of plates. These are then cut to form panels to facilitate their use.

How to make rock wool?

The manufacturing process of the Rockwool resembles the natural activity of a volcano. The rock volcanic molten in an oven heated with coke at 1,500°C. The rock in fusion is then changed into fibers by the action of wheels rotating at high speed.

What are the different types of wood fiber insulation?

Wood fiber lends itself to two types of insulation: interior insulation (ITI) and exterior insulation (ITE). While ITI requires flexible panels, ITE involves the implementation of rigid panels. In detail :

How are insulators made?

These are flexible or rigid insulators, made from at least 80% by mass of wood fibers and a binder whose composition may vary according to manufacture. The wood fibers used to produce these insulators are generally obtained by defibration of wood chips.

How to cut wood fiber insulation?

For lost attic floors: R ≥ 7 m².K/W (for a thickness of wood fiber between 25.2 and 29.4 cm). How to cut wood fiber insulation? To cut wood fiber panels, it is advisable to use: for rigid panels: an alligator saw, a handsaw or a band saw.

What is the coefficient of thermal conductivity of wood fiber insulation?

The coefficient of thermal conductivity (or lambda) of wood fiber insulation varies according to: the moisture absorption of the insulation which influences the thermal conductivity: in this case, the value of the useful lambda is increased from 0.005 to 0.008 W/mK (as a reminder, the higher the lambda, the less efficient the product).