How long to run 100m?

How long to run 100m?

How long to run 100m?

The 100 meters is an athletics event consisting of sprinting in a straight line over a distance of 100 meters. He is ran at a very high level and less of 10 seconds to men and of 11 seconds to the women.

How to calculate your time in the 100m?

For calculate a speed in meters/second, the distance in meters is divided by time in seconds. If you want to convert a speed in m/s to km/h, just multiply the speed in m/s by 3.6 because 1 hour = 3600 seconds and 1 kilometer = 1000 meters.

How long does a child run?

In terms of race duration, one rule prevails: that of age. Thus, it is established that the number of years determines the running time without stopping and therefore that an 8-year-old child, even if the height / weight ratio is favorable to him, should not run in terms of duration as long as a 12 year old child.

How to prepare your child for running?

It is essential to keep the playful side and the desire so that he always feels pleasure and does not say to you in a while: “running is boring”. Remember also that up to 12 years old, it is important that the child tastes different sports before specializing if he wishes.

How to raise your heart rate when you start?

Don’t consider your speed or miles traveled when you’re first starting out. The first step is to build general physical condition and get used to exercising. What matters is how much time you spend raising your heart rate, not how many miles you’ve covered.

How many kilometers for a girl at 14?

off-stadium races are clearly defined, in this case 3 kilometers for your daughter. From next year at 14, she will be able to line up for 5 kilometers. But we are talking here about competitions and not about training distances.