How much concrete with one bag?

How much concrete with one bag?

How much concrete with one bag?

the concrete is generally marketed in bags from 30 to 40 kilograms. You should know that a bag of 35 kilos makes it possible to obtain about fifteen liters of concrete. The dosage of concrete is about 200 kg/m³.

What is the price of ready-mixed concrete?

Here is the price range of ready-made concrete: The price of ready-made concrete in bags: ~ 400 euros / m 3. Price calculated on the basis of a price of ready-made concrete in bags of 0.20 euros / kg and d consumption of 20kg of ready-made concrete for 10 liters of fresh concrete. The price of ready-mixed concrete delivered in containers: ~ €250/m 3.

What is the best way to mix a concrete?

You can mix it yourself, because it must certainly be resistant to pressure, but it is not necessarily subject to static loads and special tensile forces. The situation is different for construction work on buildings with concrete ceilings and other elements.

How much does a bag of concrete mix cost?

The first price of a bag of concrete mix is ​​around ~0.10 – 0.13€/kg. In relation to the m3 of concrete, this represents a price higher than ~250 €/m3.

How to make a bag of ready-made concrete?

It must be mixed with water (like the bag of ready-made concrete), but also sand and gravel. The ready-made concrete bag is therefore the evolution of the traditional cement bag, sometimes wrongly called ready-made cement bag.