How much is a pearl worth?

How much is a pearl worth?

How much is a pearl worth?

Price range from pearl from the South Seas according to its quality

  • Low: less than 150€
  • Medium: 1€
  • Fine quality: 000€

What is Pearl?

A pearl is a calcareous concretion, usually white in color, made by certain bivalve molluscs (mainly pearl oysters). When an irritating object passes inside the shell, the animal reacts by surrounding the object with a layer of calcium carbonate CaCO 3 in the form of aragonite or calcite.

How to make beads?

The process of making pearls is relatively simple. First of all, the mother-of-pearl produced by oysters is mainly composed of calcium carbonate. After coating the foreign object with this substance for the first time, the oysters do not stop there.

What is the aesthetic quality of the pearl?

The aesthetic quality of the pearl depends on the thickness of the mother-of-pearl (more important when the pearl is natural) but also on the regularity of the crystallization. Its coloring is multifactorial (eg species of the mollusk, nutrition of the oyster, chemical composition of the minerals dissolved in the surrounding water, etc.).

What is the history of the pearl?

pearl history [ modifier | modifier le code] The best known examples are those of La Madeleine (Dordogne), Grimaldi (Italy) and Sungir (Russia). This last site, an open-air camp in the Russian steppe dating from about 32,000 years ago, housed the grave of an adult and, separated from him, that of two children buried together.