How one writes is?

How one writes is?

How one writes is?

This is the verb “to be”: we writtenis ”, not “and”. Correct sentence.

What is the difference between is and and?

Know how to use is or and. Homophones : is / and. Grammatical homophones are words that have an identical pronunciation but a different grammatical nature and spelling. He is therefore essential to be able to recognize them in order to master their spelling. Word is.

How to write c’est ou s’est?

“He got up early this morning. It’s very rare ! Here is a classic hesitation in spelling that leads us to study the basics of French. Should we write “it is” or “is”? We all hesitated one day so here are the explanations in this article. Good reading ! Do we write “it is” or “is”? We write “it is” with a -c when…

What is the word and?

You were welcome. The word and is a coordinating conjunction. It is used to link two elements that have the same function in the sentence. Ex.: Solène and Jérémie are going on vacation next week. Find out whether to put “is” or “and”!

How to write it’s tomorrow that he arrives?

It is tomorrow that he arrives. “It is” + masculine adjective or it is + adverb. To express an opinion, to make a comment, we use Ce (c’) to take up the preceding idea. Cakes are good.