How powerful are nuclear weapons?

How powerful are nuclear weapons?

How powerful are nuclear weapons?

The ratio Powerful/maximum theoretical weight of weapons merge (weapons thermonuclear) is of 6 megatons of TNT per ton of bomb (25 TJ/kg). Ratios of 5.2 megatonnes/tonne and more have been achieved for large weapons built to be used as a head nuclear unique in the early 1960s.

What are the relativistic effects of ship velocity?

When the speed of the vessel exceeds a tenth of the speed of light the relativistic effects are felt: Approaching the speed of light the mass of the vessel increases. The passage of time aboard a ship moving relative to Earth is slower than that on Earth.

What is the most powerful nuclear missile?

Its mission is to replace the SS-18 Satan, designed by the Soviet Union in the 1960s (and which is no longer compatible with current defense systems). This new nuclear missile, dubbed Satan 2, is the most powerful ever designed and no amount of missile defense technology would be able to stop it.

What are the benefits of nuclear fission?

Recourse to nuclear fission or the use of solar sails, still experimental, will perhaps make it possible to reach higher speeds, but these will remain insufficient to reach the stars within a period compatible with the duration of human life.

What is Russia’s largest nuclear missile?

Russia now has in its military arsenal a nuclear missile nicknamed Satan 2. This missile would be capable of destroying a territory the size of France. On October 23, Russia presented its largest nuclear ballistic missile ever: RS-28 Sarmat.