How to be admitted to medicine in France?

How to be admitted to medicine in France?

How to be admitted to medicine in France?

For high school students, access is via two courses offered by the universities: the PASS (specific health access course) or an L.AS (licence with health access option). L’admission is based on the results obtained during these courses and possibly additional tests.

Is it hard to become a doctor?

You already know it but you like to be told it again… medical studies are difficult, even thankless. We work a lot and for a ridiculous external salary (200 euros per month from the 4th year).

How difficult is studying medicine?

Let’s be clear: the difficulty of studying medicine should not be underestimated. “Very often, students enroll regardless of their results, because medicine appeals to them, laments Nadia Gomit, mathematics teacher in terminal S. They equate medical school to a university course like the others.”

What degree to become a doctor?

At the end of these 4 years, the medical student will have passed the first 2 stages of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and will obtain a doctorate in medicine (MD). Note that this diploma does not allow you to practice as a doctor.

How to get into health studies?

Mathematics, physics-chemistry and life and earth sciences remain the preferred path for entering health studies. But it is not the only one: “Today, there are several ways”, defends Patrice Diot, president of the conference of the deans of medicine, who invites to take into account his desires.

How to study medicine in the USA?

To study medicine in the USA, it is necessary to join one of the 185 medical schools in the country. These schools are attached to the different universities and their campuses. As a result, medical training is therefore done within public or private universities, the vast majority of which have an integrated medical school.