How to be oriented in medicine?

How to be oriented in medicine?

How to be oriented in medicine?

If you want to work in the field of the medicine, two paths are possible: PASS (Health Access Course) and L.AS (License with Health Access option). The studies of Medicine are particularly selective and require a large capacity of work and a certain appetite to Sciences.

How difficult is studying medicine?

Let’s be clear: the difficulty of studying medicine should not be underestimated. “Very often, students enroll regardless of their results, because medicine appeals to them, laments Nadia Gomit, mathematics teacher in terminal S. They equate medical school to a university course like the others.”

How to get into health studies?

Mathematics, physics-chemistry and life and earth sciences remain the preferred path for entering health studies. But it is not the only one: “Today, there are several ways”, defends Patrice Diot, president of the conference of the deans of medicine, who invites to take into account his desires.

How to become a doctor in France?

In France, there are a large number of medical faculties, about forty throughout the territory, and many students wish to follow this university path with the aim of becoming a doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist or other profession in the medical field. As a result, access to training is not easy.

How to become a medical doctor?

A first cycle of 3 years validating the Diploma of General Training in Medical Sciences (DFGSM) A second cycle of 3 years validating the Diploma of Advanced Training in Medical Sciences (DFASM), corresponding to the externship. A third cycle of 3 to 5 years, validating the State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine, corresponding to the internship.