How to become a lay judge?

How to become a lay judge?

How to become a lay judge?

They must be over 30 years old, be of French nationality, reside in the geographical jurisdiction of the TPE near which they are applying, be noted for their interest in children’s issues, as well as their skills.

How to become a bridge magistrate?

It is possible to become a magistrate without passing the tests of a competition via recruitment on file. These recruitments on “title” are instituted on a permanent basis. The selection is made by a promotion committee on the basis of the professional experience of the candidate and his academic background.

What is the role of the judge?

Role of the judge. A judge is a magistrate responsible for administering justice. Its mission is to apply the law and render a judgment in accordance with the law.

What is the first quality of a judge?

The first quality of a judge is undoubtedly his impartiality. A magistrate in the exercise of his functions must ignore his experience, his personal experiences or his political preferences. He is the guarantor of justice, and cannot allow himself to judge according to his feelings. It simply applies the legislative rules in force.

What is the best course to become a judge?

What is the best course to become a judge? Law studies lead to everything, it is well known. Provided that you work very regularly and acquire the very particular turn of mind of lawyers.

What is the salary of a judge?

A judge starts his career at more than €2,000 net per month. Salary then varies by jurisdiction and seniority.