How to book a UM?

How to book a UM?

How to book a UM?

To find out about the prices and buy the plane ticket for a child traveling as UMyou must therefore call the reservations department of the chosen company directly, go to one of its points of sale in town or at the airport, if not in a traditional travel agency.

Why make a reservation?

It allows you to better manage your establishment: you can predict in advance the number of servers you will need but also predict the quantities you will need to provide the service.

How to book a ticket without buying it?

To make a simple reservation without confirm the purchase, please check with the airlines or tourist agencies that offer this possibility. As long as your reservation “fictitious” is nominative there will be – normally – no worries.

What age for UM flights?

Children can travel alone on planes as passengers UM (Unaccompanied Minor) from 4 or 5 years old, on certain airlines (Air France, TAP Portugal, Iberia, transavia), from 8 years old on others (with Air Transat in particular) and up to 17 years old maximum.

How do I book a ticket for a child?

First buy the ticket online and enter thechild like an adult person. Then fill in the contact form of our customer service with the UMNR service request and indicate the date of birth of thechild. The service must be requested at least two days before the flight.

Why booking a room at the hotel?

The reservation made in advance allows the customer to ensure the occupation of a bedroom. It also responds to another need, namely: to stay in one’s bedroom usual or traditional.

When to book a summer plane ticket?

On average, the ideal is Reserve between days before the departure date, i.e. approximately 3 months in advance. Only, this remains an average and the answer often varies according to the destination, once again.

Can a minor fly alone?

Children from 4 to 11 years old can to travel only that‘by using the UM service. Children aged 12 to 17 have the choice: either choose the UM service or travel alonewithout any accompaniment, on condition of having the authorization signed by a parent.

Can a minor fly?

children can traveling alone plane as a UM (Unaccompanied Minor) passenger from the age of 4 or 5 on certain airlines (Air France, TAP Portugal, Iberia, transavia), from the age of 8 on others (with Air Transat in particular) and up to up to 17 years old.

How to make a reservation remotely?

If you make your reservation remotely (by telephone or internet), you must be clearly informed of the price of the various services before any commitment. How to make a reservation? Either on an online booking platform. In this case, it is useful to know the pitfalls to avoid.

How to save time when making a reservation?

Directly accessible from the GO Voyages home page, this space also allows you to pre-fill in a certain amount of information in order to save time on your next reservations. Find all this information by clicking on “Connection” or “Register” if you do not yet have a GO Voyages account:

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a reservation. The financial consequences are different depending on whether the cancellation is made by the customer or by the hotel. If you cancel your reservation, you lose the deposit you have paid, unless the hotel decides to make a commercial gesture.

What are the price display rules?

These rules relate in particular to the display of prices, the reservation, the cancellation and the invoicing of the stay at the hotel. Namely: other rules apply to the hotel, in the event of theft, damage to an object or accident to the detriment of the customer. What are the rules for displaying prices? The hotel must inform you of the prices by a display.