How to build a slope?

How to build a slope?

How to build a slope?

To do this, simply divide the difference in level with the horizontal distance from the terrain, then multiply by 100. Then, when the percentage is known, different construction solutions will be available to you, depending on the type of terrain and the slope determined.

Why build on sloping ground?

Building on sloping ground can significantly increase the cost of construction. Indeed, work can be added: earthworks, backfilling, crawl space, etc. Sloping terrain can also be more difficult to access, making maneuvering difficult.

What are the risks of building a house on a slope?

Many risks need to be analyzed before considering building a house on a sloping site. Mountainous regions, for example, are naturally subject to the risk of landslides or avalanches. The presence of clay, which swells under the effect of humidity and can lead to cracks.

How does the slope affect the architecture?

A slope of 5% nevertheless influences the architecture. By visiting the land, the architect or the topographer takes the altimetry points which then makes it possible to adapt the construction. Average to steep slope: Between 10 and 20% Again, we tend to underestimate the slope when we visit the site.

How to calculate the slope?

The calculation of the slope is expressed as a percentage and is obtained by applying the following formula: Elevation = Total height between the arrival point and the departure point. Example: a slope of 8% is equivalent to an elevation change of 8 meters over 100 meters.