How to build a steel frame house?

How to build a steel frame house?

How to build a steel frame house?

What is the principle of building a house to metal frame ?

  1. build the foundations (on concrete blocks or slabs) and mount the floor on insulating slabs.
  2. mount theskeleton fixing the walls and the trusses together by bolting.
  3. install exterior wall insulation (exterior or interior)

Why do we come with metal construction?

The metal constructions allow great creativity and significant luminosity. Durability remains a strong argument, steel being a naturally fire-resistant and strong material. Finally, the metal constructions require little maintenance.

Why opt for a metal frame?

The metal frame promises strength and durability and avoids problems with warping and cracking. These structures metallic are available in traditional or avant-garde configurations, plain or in color and make it possible to limit load-bearing walls and create larger openings.

How to build a metal frame?

The workshop assembly of the structure of a framework in metal

  1. cutting (notching by oxygen cutting);
  2. bores at defined dimensions;
  3. prepares the elements by shearing or punching;
  4. welds each type of piece ofsteel ;
  5. proceeds to the marking of the parts of the framework.

How to install a metal frame?

For install a metal frame, it is important to follow a three-step process: Seal the posts on the previously poured concrete slab; Assemble the structural elements on the ground; Once the first frame is fixed in place, assemble the other elements of the structure.

How are steels made?

Steel is made from iron ore, which is found naturally in the soils of countries such as Brazil, Sweden and Australia. The manufacture of steels from this ore can be obtained in two ways. In the first case, the production of cast iron results from the hot reduction of iron ore by means of carbon monoxide.

What are the advantages of a steel structure?

A well-built steel structure can last over 30 years if properly maintained. Flexibility is one of the great advantages of steel structure, which means that it tends to be planned according to design requirements.

What is the difference between steel and concrete?

Steel and concrete together are responsible for 8% of the planet’s total GHG emissions while wood sequesters carbon dioxide (Green Building Advisor, 2015).

Why use steel in development buildings?

Before the use of steel in development buildings became common practice, the weight of the material of the structure and the forces of gravity and pressure defined the endurance, the chance of stability of the structure and its possibilities. architectural.