How to calculate direct tax?

How to calculate direct tax?

How to calculate direct tax?

Calculation of the’tax income: The amount of thetax cannot exceed 50% of taxable income. the calculation of the’tax is subject to a proportional duty and a progressive duty. The amount of the progressive duty of thetax owed by the taxpayer is equal to the product of the contribution thus obtained by the number of shares.

How to calculate corporation tax?

You pay a corporation tax 25% on your taxable profit. Some small and medium-sized companies benefit from a lower rate on the first €100,000 of profit, namely 20%.

How to calculate future tax?

The future taxes are calculated on the amount that would be taxable if the assets were sold at the balance sheet date, even if these assets have not yet been sold or collected and are unlikely to be in the near future.

How to calculate IR Morocco 2021?

Professional fees: 6,000 x 20% = 1,200 DHS. Net taxable salary (SNI): 7,000 – 1.0.6 – 1,200 = 4,395.60 DHS. IR gross: 4,395.60×20% – 666.45 DHS. IR net payable: 212.45 – (30×3) = 122.45 DHS (3 dependents or 30 DHS x3)

What are direct taxes?

L’tax on income, housing tax or property tax are of the direct taxes. These are fiscal taxes collected by the Public Treasury. One tax is called “direct tax” when paid for and supported by the same person.

What is a deferred tax?

The Deferred taxes are calculated and noted to allow the financial year in question to bear only thetax on the result for the financial year that it had to bear if there were no temporary distortions between the accounting result and the tax result.

How to account for deferred taxes?

One deferred tax asset will be accounted for in N to take into account the saving oftax which will be done in N+1. Thus the principle of adequacy of the charge (participation) to the product (its economy oftax) is respected.