How to calculate phosphorus?

How to calculate phosphorus?

How to calculate phosphorus?

Method of calculation index-phosphorus

  1. To find the rating corresponding to each characteristic of the site (number in parentheses).
  2. Multiply each of these ratings by the applicable weighting factor.
  3. Add all the weighted results found in step B to get the index-phosphorus.

What is urinary phosphorus?

the phosphorus (phosphate inorganic) is a compound essential to many functions (energy metabolism, bone formation, etc.).

How to measure phosphorus in water?

The method of dosing the phosphorus total is based on the oxidation of organic matter and the conversion of one or other of the categories of phosphate into soluble orthophosphate, by the action of an acid and an oxidizing agent.

What is orthophosphate?

The simplest and most common form of phosphorus dissolved in water. Phosphorous materials originate almost equally from soil erosion, agricultural activity (phosphate fertilizers), industry and urban discharges, with the use of detergents.

What is a phosphate group?

In biochemistry, a phosphate group is a band functional or radical composed of phosphorus attached to four oxygens, and with a net negative charge, so represented by PO4-.