How to calculate shipping costs?

How to calculate shipping costs?

How to calculate shipping costs?

In order to calculate how offer your Shipping fees you can perform a calculation simple: average basket amount + average cost of a product – cost of Shipping fees. Example: 50 + 10 – 5 = 55. You can therefore offer the Shipping fees from an amount of 55€ of purchase.

How to send a parcel in Economy by La Poste?

The highest price economic is the Ecopli stamp, then the Green Letter. If you want a fast delivery time (in 1 day to mainland France), choose the priority letter.

What is the cheapest shipping method?

The relays are the most common solution for shipping your goods at a lower cost. Also consider themail parcels thanks to individuals for bulky items and to price comparators for foreign countries, and you can ship everything you want without breaking the bank!

What is the cheapest delivery service?

The delivery at a relay point The relay points are often stores or businesses, members of a distribution network. The advantage of relay point routing is that it is the service the cheaper.

How to send a package at a lower cost?

If the Colissimo at a prohibitive price, other La Poste shipping solutions are more affordable. This is the case of the Lettre Suivie (formerly Lettre Max) which thus makes it possible to send small package of less 3 cm thick and less of 3 kg, all without signature of the addressee.