How to calculate the deformation?

How to calculate the deformation?

How to calculate the deformation?

Simple tension or compression The constant normal stress in the section is worth σ = F/S and the deformation is worth ε = F/ES.

How to draw a Deformed?

To learn how to quickly draw the look of a distorted of a beam or more generally of any structure. The idea is simple: transform the structure into a mechanism by adding ball joints where the forces are applied (including support reaction forces).

What is Plastic Deformation?

Plastic deformation is the irreversible deformation of an object; it occurs by a rearrangement of the relative position of the atoms, or more generally of the constituent elements of the material. When a part is stressed (it is pulled, compressed, twisted, etc.

How to quantify plastic deformation resulting from stress?

In the resistance of materials, it may be necessary to quantify the plastic deformation resulting from a stress. Indeed, in certain fields, one prohibits any plastic deformation, one attaches then so that at no time the constraint exceeds the limit of elasticity; for this, a safety factor is often applied.

What are the different types of plastic deformation forming?

Types of forming by plastic deformation There are two types of forming by plastic deformation: Forming by cold plastic deformation, carried out at room temperature, and forming by hot plastic deformation, requiring a heat input. Under the effect of heat, the metal undergoes thermal expansion and deforms.

How does the deformation propagate?

From a microscopic point of view, the deformation propagates through defects, dislocations, which can be blocked or slowed down by various defects (foreign atoms, grain boundaries, other dislocations), with a phenomenon of work hardening (hardening ).