How to calculate the flow of his box?

How to calculate the flow of his box?

How to calculate the flow of his box?

For a more reliable result, we recommend using the Speedtest app available at You can also use the test debit available on select the server “hosted by Orange” closest to you then click on Run the test.

What is 1 MBps?

In this sense, here are their definitions: 1 Mb/s (or Mbps or Mbit/s): one megabit per second corresponds to 1 000 bits passing in one second; 1 Gb/s: one gigabit per second corresponds to 1 000 megabits per second.

How do I know the speed of my WiFi connection?

The fastest, easiest and least painful way to measure flow of your network Wireless is to use a free online in-browser test, such as, offered by internet performance monitoring company OOKLA.

How do I know the Wi-Fi strength of my box?

In the first case: Simply connect your smartphone to your router, open Wireless analyze, and walk around the room to see the areas where the gauge goes down to -90 dBm (in this case the signal is weaker) or on the contrary when it goes up to -20 dBm (when the signal is stronger)

How to calculate performance?

Performance can indeed be calculated before or after costs. In the first case the costs do not influence the performance, in the second case they reduce it. A distinction is made between transaction fees (brokerage, stamp duty, etc.) and other fees (custody fees, management fees, etc.).

How to calculate the performance of a period?

This improves the accuracy of the method because, as we have seen above, the performance of the period also depends on these capital flows. As the capital of these flows is not available or withdrawn at the beginning of the period, it will be weighted with the proportion of the period during which it is available or withdrawn.

How to automate performance testing?

The execution phase of the performance tests is the step that we naturally think of automating. It is indeed unlikely to carry out a load test manually. Even if it is possible to carry out a unit optimization test manually, automation will make it possible to: Make the result obtained more reliable.

How to calculate the performance of a future?

In practice the calculation of the performance of the future takes place the more often based on the notional amount of 800,000 instead of 784’314, which gives a performance of 9.3138% for the future based on gain of CHF 74,510 and invested capital of CHF 800,000.