How to calculate the salary with the index?

How to calculate the salary with the index?

How to calculate the salary with the index?

The monthly gross salary is calculated by multiplying this point byindex by his clue increased (IM). Example for an equal IM to 500, monthly gross salary since on February 1, 2017 is 500 X 4.68 euros.

What is the amount of the index?

Evolution of the 100 index since 1995 (annualized amounts)

February 1, 2017€5,623.23
July 1, 2016€5,589.69
July 1, 2010€5,556.35
October 1, 2009€5,528.71
July 1, 2009€5,512.17

What is the salary coefficient?

the coefficient of salary is an employee compensation index. He determines the employee’s level of responsibility. More the coefficient hierarchical is higher, the more responsibilities the employee has. In other words, the coefficient of a frameis not the same as a worker.

Where can I find the coefficient on the payslip?

Where find the coefficient salary? the coefficient salary must appear on the employment contract and the payslip. Information relating to the point value, classification level and base salary compensation index is specified in the collective agreement.

What is the salary scale?

Half of employees earn less than 1,800 euros net per month, 17% earn more than 3,000 euros. And you in all this? This tool offered by the Observatory of Inequalities allows you to situate yourself on the salary scale. 59% of employees earn less than 2,000 euros net per month, half less than 1,800 euros, 30% less than 1,500 euros.

How to calculate the salary scale?

On hiring, the salary step must correspond to the years of experience as shown in the table here. Any relevant schooling in addition to a terminal undergraduate degree is added as experience (up to a maximum of 3 years). It must therefore be taken into account in the calculation of the experience.

How to define the wages of an employee?

Then it is necessary to classify each of the listed positions according to their typology (example: workers, managers, technicians, supervisors). It is then necessary to assign a hierarchical coefficient for each position listed. This coefficient is an index making it possible to define the salaries of each employee.

How to measure the salary hierarchy?

In order to better measure the salary hierarchy, the Inequalities Observatory offers a tool that allows you to situate yourself on the salary scale, thanks to the data published by INSEE for the year 2016.