How to calculate velocity?

How to calculate velocity?

How to calculate velocity?

The velocity is the number of story points a team completes during a sprint. To measure it, simply add up the number of story points delivered during the last sprints and average them.

Who is responsible for organizing work progress during a sprint?

The Scrum master organizes the ceremonies as theadvancement from sprint. He sets up exercises and tools and ensures that that the Scrum methodology is well applied.

What is Agile Velocity?

Velocity is an agile metric that helps determine how much work an agile team is able to deliver over a sprint. The velocity indicator is calculated at each iteration of an agile project, and corresponds to the total sum of the story points of the items produced at the end of the sprint.

What are the benefits of Agile Velocity?

Often associated with the Scrum methodology, agile velocity can be a valuable tool when it comes to tracking the work done by a development team during a sprint and helping with the predictability of the next one.

How to calculate development team velocity?

There are several methods of estimation such as t-shirt sizing, for example, where t-shirt sizes are artificially used, or the best known, poker planning. The development team’s agile velocity is calculated at the end of a sprint.

How to calculate velocity?

For the velocity, the calculation is simple, it is the sum of the estimates of the tasks carried out. If you use a burndown chart, this info is on your curve to do. Example on the following burndown chart: The original estimate is 288 hours and the sprint ended with 49 hours remaining.