How to check LISA balance?

How to check LISA balance?

How to check LISA balance?

To know the balance from your game account Lisa press *888*2# SEND. No call charges will be deducted from your phone account for this transaction.

How to play LISA 5?

How to play them LISA games ?

  1. Play BOLOTO by dialing *881* 3 Boules#SEND Ex: *42# SEND.
  2. Play LOTTO5P5 by dialing *720* 5 digits#SEND Ex: *4# SEND.
  3. Play LOTTO5 by dialing *885* 5 digits#SEND Ex: *4# SEND.
  4. Play LOTTO4 by dialing *884* 4 digits#SEND Ex: *# SEND.

How to win Boloto?

To earn with Combo 6, it’s to earn the jackpot BOLOTO more than 500,000 Gourdes Cash!!! To play BOLOTO COMBO 6, just dial *881*6*3 2-digit numbers of your choice#, then send. The price of the Combo 6 is 66 gourdes + 1 gourde of Digicel fees.

How to play LISA?

For player to LOTTO 3 version Lisa, simply dial *883*3 chosen digits* the bet amount #, then send, from an activated Digicel cell phone. For example, for player “4 8 9” for 25 Gourdes, just dial *883*489*25# then press send.

How do I know if my ticket is a winner or a loser?

When the retailer validates your tickettake a good look at the billboard for the customer on their terminal and pay attention to the sound of the device to to know if the ticket is winning or losing.

How to top up your LISA account?

Since the games of Lisa are played with Digicel minutes, you only need to have minute credits available to play. If you have no funds on your account Digicel, top up through a Pappadap agent, via your MY account CASH or other means of recharge Digicell.

How do I top up my account with my Cash?

For recharge your account personal :

  1. Dial *202#snd.
  2. Select “2” to recharge.
  3. Enter “1” for “My number”
  4. Enter the amount.
  5. Enter your passcode.
  6. Enter your passcode again to confirm.

How do I verify my Mon Cash account?

The code *111#send gives you the control of your account.

Is the bonus paid?

“The bonus is paid only if the employment contract has not been terminated on the date of allocation or payment of the bonus.” In this case, the employee loses his bonus once the contract has been terminated by either party, for any reason whatsoever.

What are the employer’s obligations if the bonus qualifies as salary?

On the other hand, the employer will be bound by strict obligations if this “bonus” is qualified as salary. Salary is a right for the employee and an obligation on the part of the employer.

What is the bonus plan?

Most bonus plans which provide for the payment of an annual or quarterly bonus based on the results of the company or a department and/or on the basis of the employee’s predetermined personal objectives are thus part of the salary. .

How to determine if a bonus is part of the salary or should it be considered a gratuity?

Jurisprudence and doctrine have established a certain number of criteria in order to determine whether a bonus is part of the salary or must be considered as a gratuity: The will of the parties: misleading terminology must be discarded in favor of the real will of the parts.