How to choose a Montessori school?

How to choose a Montessori school?

How to choose a Montessori school?

10 criteria for good Choose his Montessori school

  1. The training and experience of teachers and leaders. …
  2. The educational project. …
  3. The possibility of visiting theschool when children are present. …
  4. Children have all the equipment Montessori at their disposal. …
  5. Student follow-up and parent reporting.

How to enter a Montessori School?

To increase your chances of being hired by a Montessori schoolother skills will make the difference: being bilingual, knowing Non-Violent Communication, positive discipline… and of course, having experience in a school (even classic), and better, in a school alternative.

What is the Montessori school?

The method Montessori is based on the observation and the laws of the natural development of the child on the psychological and psychic level. It is not simply a question of creating a collection of tools, but rather of guiding the child in the use of the tools adapted to his development.

What is the difference between Montessori and elementary schools?

In Montessori schools, the ages are mixed. Thus, in a children’s home, there are children aged 3 to 6 years old. In elementary school, children from 6 to 9 years old rub shoulders in the same Montessori class.

What is the purpose of education in Montessori schools?

The goal of education in Montessori schools is to foster the development of the child, while allowing him to become autonomous, independent and motivated. In Montessori schools, freedom and discipline are compatible.

Why are Montessori schools controlled by the state?

This is the case of some Montessori schools for example. This means that the State pays teachers’ salaries and part of its operating costs. These schools undertake in return to follow the program set by the National Education and agree to be controlled by the State.

What are the costs of a Montessori school?

The costs paid by the parents make it possible to finance the Montessori material, educators, assistants and all the infrastructure. The tuition fees of a Montessori school vary between 2 euros per month.