How to choose polycarbonate panels?

How to choose polycarbonate panels?

How to choose polycarbonate panels?

There are two types of plates of Polycarbonate :

  • the Polycarbonate alveolar: it can be used for a veranda; it is easy to install; it allows light to pass; it is solid (the more cells it has, the more resistant it will be to shocks).
  • the Polycarbonate wavy, unattractive.

What is the best polycarbonate?

the Polycarbonate alveolar for roofing: Often used for pergola or veranda coverage, it is completed with aluminum profiles. The clear aspect: This aspect is chosen to keep a better light transmission and high transparency. He is available in all thicknesses.

What polycarbonate thickness for veranda?

L’thickness plates polycarbonate : Depending on use of your space, the plates will have to follow a certain standard ofthickness. For example, if it’s to a cleared space that does not need to be isolated. A plate of 16mm is sufficient.

How to insulate the roof of a veranda from the sun?

Install blindssun The builders of veranda use more insulating materials, such as high quality glazing and thermally broken profiles. To guarantee a good insulation of the verandathe installation of blindssun is strongly recommended.

Which polycarbonate sheet for veranda?

the Polycarbonate alveolar This type of material is used instead to the glazing of a polycarbonate veranda. The more cells it has, the more resistant it will be. the Polycarbonate alveolar is easy to install, it allows light to pass through and it resists well to impacts.

Which plate for veranda?

For the roof of a veranda or any constructions or shelters requiring a solid roof allowing light to pass through, plates polycarbonate are an excellent choice. You should know that these plates are lightweight compared to other materials and are therefore easier to install.

What inclination for polycarbonate panels?

Polycarbonate panels are always mounted on a slope, with an inclination of at least 10 cm per meter. It should be noted that polycarbonate expands under the effect of heat, which is why the load-bearing structure must space the load-bearing beams taking into account this latitude of expansion.

What is the lifespan of a polycarbonate panel?

Polycarbonate panels are generally guaranteed for 10 years. Polycarbonate plates are very resistant. Only time and temperature variations (frost/heat wave) will overcome it. Polycarbonate panels are generally guaranteed for 10 years.

What are the advantages of ribbed polycarbonate?

The ribbed polycarbonate has the particularity of adapting to dry steel deck or sandwich panel roofs. Very resistant, this type of polycarbonate is also UV treated on one side. This treatment prevents the plate from yellowing over time.

How thick is a polycarbonate sheet?

To answer your question about the choice of thickness, a 16 mm plate lets through about 80% of the light, while a 32 plate only lets through about 65%. Polycarbonate sheets also have the advantage of filtering harmful UV rays.