How to choose the size of your living room rug?

How to choose the size of your living room rug?

How to choose the size of your living room rug?

Cut from carpet of lounge The width of the carpet should be at least equal to the width of the sofa, but ideally it should protrude on the left and right by 15-25 centimeters.

How to install a carpet?

The size of carpet usually determines its location. The desired effect is also an important criterion. the carpet can delimit the entire area, and in this case, the furniture is placed on it. If your room is smaller, you will place the carpet in the center of the space leaving only the coffee table on it.

How to choose the right rug size?

In order to determine the right size rug, it is advisable to first measure the area that the rug should cover. For this, the furniture must be arranged as it will be later on the carpet. Now the width and length of the new mat can be easily measured.

What size for a dining room rug?

The size of the mat also depends on the size of the bed. The dining area rug should be matched to the size of the dining table so that the dining area is framed.

How to choose your bedroom rug?

For your bedroom rug, you have several options: – The classic rug version with a medium-sized rug that you place at the foot of the bed, or a “bedside rug” format rug that you place on each side of your bed.

How to choose a round rug for your living room?

Several small round rugs will fit perfectly for a dynamic atmosphere. In the living room, the rug can fit in in a variety of ways, depending on the size of the room, furniture layout and aesthetic choices. Choose a large, soft and warm rug for your living room, preferably one with a long pile for comfort.