How to choose the wood for a mezzanine?

How to choose the wood for a mezzanine?

How to choose the wood for a mezzanine?

What kind Of wood Choose ? For building a platform mezzaninethe drink the least expensive and the most resistant will be pine. Choose it raw, you’ll have plenty of time of sand it, stain it or paint it.

How to build a mezzanine?

How to make a loft ?

  1. Secure the 4 support posts at each corner, using the floor mounting brackets and lag bolts to the walls.
  2. Drill the holes in the walls to place the wall beams.
  3. Fill the holes with chemical sealant.
  4. Place the wall beams using the metal dowels.

What height for a mezzanine?

For a mezzanine of standard height, i.e. allowing the movement of people below the structure, and therefore a height under the floor of 2.20 m, the industrial premises must have a height of at least 4, 80m. The most widely used material remains steel, ensuring personnel safety and mechanical resistance.

How to declare the construction of a mezzanine?

The declaration of the construction of a mezzanine to the administration of the municipality of the property depends above all on the total surface of this one and on the type of construction. A temporary or removable mezzanine, on the other hand, will not be affected by this obligation since it will be in the apartment in the same way as furniture.

When must a mezzanine be included in the Carrez law calculation?

If the mezzanine has an area of ​​less than 8 m², it must still be included in the calculation of the Carrez law if the total of the living area and the mezzanine exceeds 8 m². It is indeed the entire living area of ​​the rooms that is calculated in the Carrez law diagnosis.

What are the advantages of a mezzanine?

This extension makes it possible, for example, to create an additional bedroom, a play area for children, an office or a lounge area. A mezzanine therefore adds living space to the accommodation, which allows you to enjoy the equivalent of another room without partitioning the existing rooms.