How to choose your bicycle sprockets?

How to choose your bicycle sprockets?

How to choose your bicycle sprockets?

For the bicycles road, it is better to reduce the number of teeth of the pinion of last position. It will rarely exceed 25 teeth, or even 32 for the climbs, for a pinion starting between 11 and 13 teeth. The small tooth gap between the sprockets allows closer developments.

Why choose a road bike?

Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads or gravel paths. You might think that since any bike can ride on the road, every bike has to be a road bike. Yes, but not quite.

How are Trek’s bikes made?

Trek’s SL models are made from state-of-the-art carbon fiber and incorporate technologies that are generally far superior to those found on the competition’s high-end bikes.

What are road bikes?

Road bikes are designed to ride primarily on asphalt, for fun, fitness or speed. These are the bikes you see everywhere, from the Tour de France roads to cycle touring outings organized by the bike shop near you.

What is the lightest road bike?

Our lightest and best handling road bike. The Émonda is the complete road bike that combines classic style with never-seen-before road handling. Size-specific tube design and optimized cornering testing make each model feel like it’s on rails.