How to complete a process sheet?

How to complete a process sheet?

How to complete a process sheet?

How implement it?

  1. The purpose of processits objective, its mission.
  2. The scope and interactions between the different process.
  3. Input and output data.
  4. Customer expectations and requirements.
  5. The description of the main activities of the process.
  6. Human and material resources.

Why are process sheets important?

Finally, the process sheets are used to identify the main input and output data of your Quality process activities. Thus process mapping is an important element of management systems. In addition, it should be noted that we can distinguish several denominations for the sheets and maps:

How to improve process performance?

It also enables process improvement. Indeed, the formalization of activities in the form of a diagram, workflow, mapping or matrix is ​​a tool for optimizing processes. For example, this makes it possible to structure, optimize and ultimately improve the performance of the process.

What is Process Diagram?

Process diagrams provide valuable information on how a business or organization can improve its processes. The visual representation of important information promotes understanding and collaboration for all types of projects. What is a process map?

What are decision support processes?

management processes or piloting processes: these decision support processes provide the strategic and organizational axes. To illustrate, we can cite some examples of process maps: the activity process map, the detailed process map, the document map, the general process map,