How to count Azul?

How to count Azul?

How to count Azul?

If we place a tile one (1), we have 1 point, then a tile at (3), we have 1 point, then a tile at (2), we gain 3 points in one move, or 5 in all. If we had followed another order: a tile at (1), 1 point, a tile at (2), 2 points, a tile at (3), plus 3 points, for a total of 6!

Who starts at Azul?

The first player places the first player marker in the center of the table. He then takes his first turn. Play continues clockwise. Choosing a tile: During your turn, you must choose tiles.

What is the purpose of the game Azul?

Azul is a board game created by Michael Kiesling and published by Next Move Games. The object of the game is to build the most beautiful azulejos: a wall decorated with colored tiles.

What is Azul?

Azul is a very accessible game, but which offers enough depth to unite all types of players. The luck component is minimal and the thinking can be taken very far by calculating its moves in advance, but it is possible to play in a more relaxed way and it will satisfy players of all levels.

What is the story of Azul game?

Azul transports you to the 16th century, trowel in hand, to embellish the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora! As much to warn you right away, this game by Michael Kiesling, published by Plan B Games, received a slew of awards in 2018, including the Ace d’or and the Spiel des Jahres, sorry!

Who invented azulejos?

Introduced by the Moors, the azulejos (earthenware wall covering tiles, originally decorated in blue or polychrome) were adopted by the Portuguese when their king Manuel I, during a visit to the Alhambra palace in the south of Spain, was won over by the dazzling beauty of decorative tiles.