How to curb Dupuytren’s disease?

How to curb Dupuytren's disease?

How to curb Dupuytren’s disease?

There is currently no conservative treatment in the Dupuytren’s disease. The disease therefore evolves until it becomes necessary to operate in order to alleviate the disability and pain that may be caused. Several types of surgeries can be considered.

How to treat a trigger finger?

How treat the finger of trigger ?

  1. Over-the-counter pain medications. Most patients feel the pain worse in the morning.
  2. Application of cold. …
  3. Wearing a splint.
  4. Hand exercises and stretches. …
  5. Massages.


What is finger blockage?

All fingers, from the thumb to the little finger can be affected. This locking of the fingers is due to a thickening of the tendon. The flexion of the fingers is possible thanks to the tendon which slides in the sheath of the finger. When it thickens, sliding no longer occurs and the finger opens and closes with difficulty.

What are the different types of fingers?

1?? finger, named thumb or pollux, is the single finger located on the most lateral part of the hand. The position of the 1?? finger gives it greater mobility and efficiency in gripping; The 3? finger, called middle finger or middle finger, is located between the index and ring fingers. It constitutes the reference axis for lateral movements;

What is the structure of the fingers?

The middle phalanges articulate with the proximal and distal phalanges to form the interphalangeal joints. The distal phalanges correspond to the tips of the fingers. Structure of the fingers. Around the skeleton, the fingers are made up of (2)(3): collateral ligaments,…

Why do finger surgery?

But when treatment with corticosteroids is impossible for the patient (especially in the case of diabetes), recourse to surgery is inevitable. The operation allows the patient to regain the mobility of his finger and especially to put an end to the pain.