How to cure edema?

How to cure edema?

How to cure edema?

Treatments. the treatment to follow depends on the cause. Phlebotonics, elastic compression and manual lymphatic drainage can help reduce swelling. It is also advisable to reduce salt intake in case of high blood pressure or heart failure.

What is the difference between malar edema and malar pouches?

The difference between malar edema and malar pouches can be subtle. These are large cutaneous-orbicular relaxations of the malar region, in the form of “hammocks”, suspended opposite the arcus marginalis, between the lateral canthal region and the medial canthal region.

What is the treatment for edema?

The treatment of edema is varied as it depends on its extent and its many causes. – urgent medical care for certain edemas (heart failure, venous compression, etc.). Anti-inflammatories are sometimes prescribed to improve local edema.

What is malar edema?

Malar edema is self-limiting, but frequently persists with each “exposure” to these triggering factors. In case of chronic persistence, we will speak of malar pockets: it is then a chronic swelling of the soft tissues located above the malar eminence, between the lower edge of the orbit and the mesoface.

How to get rid of edema?

Between walks, do leg or arm raises while you sit or lie down. Elevate your legs or arms. Use a stool or pillows to elevate the part of your body where the swelling is.