How to cure tracheitis?

How to cure tracheitis?

How to cure tracheitis?

Medications. The drugs offered are mainly analgesics (which will relieve pain) and cough suppressants (in case of cough dry) or even thinning (in case of cough fat). Antipyretics can also be offered in case of fever.

Is tracheitis contagious?

The tracheitis not’is contagious only when the origin is infectious. In this way, when the infected person coughs, these infectious particles are expelled from the body and spread through the air.

How to treat tracheitis in adults?

We recommend syrup of Ventolin, as well as an anti-inflammatory for the respiratory tract, a mucofluidifier, and an antitussive. In the event of bronchitis, a bronchial inhaler is also used.

How to cure tracheitis?

The more actively the body fights tracheitis, the faster the recovery. The prognosis for the acute form of tracheitis is usually more favorable.

What is Acute Tracheitis?

The acute form of tracheitis is most often triggered by a viral infection, usually the flu. In such cases, the treatment of acute tracheitis depends on the symptoms and the severity of the disease.

How long does the treatment for tracheitis last?

If pus is detected in the sputum, tracheitis is treated with macrolides, which have a wide spectrum of action and are effective against almost all types of pathogens. The duration of treatment can last from two to three weeks, depending on the severity of the disease and complications.

What are the causes of tracheitis?

“The causes can be a virus (often nasopharyngitis), more rarely a bacterial infection, but also allergic rhinitis (mites, animals, pollens…)”, begins the doctor. In the majority of cases, tracheitis is of viral origin, but can sometimes also be caused by bacteria.