How to dilute the pigments?

How to dilute the pigments?

How to dilute the pigments?

PIGMENT DILUTION WITH WATER or WITH ALCOHOL TO BURN for water-based products (casein paint, dispersion paint, binder, etc.). Mix the pigment with 1 to 1.5 doses of water. Leave the mixture to stand for 2 to 3 hours while stirring regularly.

What color powder for fair skin?

Skins light: it is better to favor light beige or pink shades. Skins matt or skins black: apricot or golden beige shades are preferable. Skins dull: golden beige shades accompanied by a pink or coral blush will be ideal.

What is the difference between mica and makeup powders?

Mica is a natural mineral. It is used in the composition of pigmented products such as make-up powders to provide opacity (or better coverage) and give the pigments a shiny, pearly appearance. To find it in our products, it appears in the list of ingredients on the packaging, under the name “mica”.

What is mica?

For homonymous articles, see Mica (disambiguation). Mica is the name of a family of minerals, from the group of silicates sub-group of phyllosilicates formed mainly from aluminum silicate and potassium. Along with quartz and feldspar, it is one of the constituents of granite.

What are the properties of micas?

The properties of micas, their transparency, their heterogeneity, their thermal properties and their good electrical insulation, mean that they are found in many uses. Use in the form of mica paper. Mica is used for its electrical insulation and heat resistance properties.

What is the price of a ton of mica?

In 2014, France was a net exporter of mica, according to French customs. The average export price per tonne was €430.