How to do Nordic walking well?

How to do Nordic walking well?

How to do Nordic walking well?

Unlike hiking, Nordic’s walk is practiced on flat ground. If there are ups and downs, these should be smooth and free of obstacles. Coordination of arms and legs is essential. These are the sticks that will allow you to coordinate everything.

How to choose shoes for Nordic walking?

The heel should be wide, with stabilizers going all the way up to the midfoot and ideally offset a bit rearward for foot strike. You need good cushioning, for more comfort, less fatigue and better protection of the joints against shocks and vibrations.

How to adjust poles for Nordic walking?

The rule is quite simple, when planting, your arm must have a 90° angle. Or you apply the ratio, your height x 0.68. (ex: 170×0.6) For a size of 1m70 you will take sticks 115 cm.

What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking turns a standard walk into a full-body workout by incorporating specialized walking poles. Developed in Finland as an off-season activity for cross-country ski athletes, it’s now one of Canada’s fastest growing activities.

What is the difference between hiking and Nordic walking poles?

Whereas hiking poles are held straight up and down with bent elbows, Nordic walking poles ought to be used on a diagonal angle, with a straight elbow. Because there is a technique to it, it’s best to check in with your local community center as many hold introductory classes and weekly walking groups to help you get started.

Is Nordic walking the new workout for older adults?

now nordic walking is catching on in the United States as an exercise regimen, especially among older adults. Cardiologist Aaron Baggish is all for it. He just returned from a year of work and study in Switzerland, where he says nordic walking is a common pastime among older adults.

Does Nordic walking burn more calories than walking?

Lots of evidence confirms that nordic walking burns more calories than regular walking-estimates range from an increase of 18% to 67% more.