How to eat cordon bleu?

How to eat cordon bleu?

How to eat cordon bleu?

Impress them with a carrot and zucchini gratin or pea and carrot pancakes! If everyone prefers potatoes, there’s no question of depriving yourself of a nice mashed potatoes with the blue cord. How about homemade vegetable fries, broccoli twists or Portuguese rice?

Why is the cordon bleu called cordon bleu?

To allow the breading to hold, ribbons or cords which were blue in color tied the garnished cutlets. For information purposes, the expression ” blue cord was first used in the kitchen in 1814.

How to cook a cordon bleu escalope?

In a very hot skillet, melt the butter and cook to cook them cutlets 5 mins per side. Place them in a baking dish and finish cooking for 10 minutes in the oven. Serve immediately with ketchup.

How to cook Père Dodu cordon bleu?

MANUAL. Stove : To do Brown the cutlet on each side over low heat for 6 minutes, without adding fat. Oven: heat for 7 minutes on each side, th7 (200°c), without adding fat, preheated oven.

How to cook a Cordon Bleu in the microwave?

To taste a Cordon Bleu quickly, just heat it up for 1 minute at microphonewaves, then 4 minutes in the pan. For Nuggets, reheat them for 30 seconds in microphonewavesthen 4 minutes in the pan.

How to cook cordon bleu in the oven?

If you use this method, turn on the oven to only 180°C. It will then suffice to cook the cordon bleu in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes for the chicken to be completely cooked. Use smoked brisket. Instead of breading the chicken, wrap raw pork belly around each roll.

What is the blue cord?

Cordon bleu (also called schnitzel cordon bleu) is a dish of meat, usually chicken, wrapped in cheese or ham and cheese, then breaded and fried until a very appetizing golden color. There are versions prepared with beef or pork instead of chicken.

How to make a cordon bleu?

Make a traditional cordon bleu Preheat the oven to 190°C. Tenderize the chicken. Open the nets. Layer the ingredients. Make rolls. Keep the rollers closed. Prepare the breading. Coat the chicken with the egg. Bread the rolls. Bake the cordons bleus.

How to make cordon bleu in breadcrumbs?

Place the two soup plates next to each other in front of you so that you can dip and bread the cordons bleus easily without dirtying the work surface too much. If you want to add seasonings, add them to the breadcrumbs.