How to enlarge house on Basement?

How to enlarge house on Basement?

How to enlarge house on Basement?

The excavation technique consists of recovering additional habitable square meters by exploiting the underfloor of your home. To do this, we will dig under the dwelling in order to obtain rooms benefiting from a height under comfortable ceiling: this is called an excavation.

What is the ceiling height of a house?

There is no standard of ceiling height, as this differs between older and much newer properties. New homes have a height 2.50 meters, on average. Only parts whose height is greater than or equal to 1.80 meters count in the Carrez law area.

How to build an above-ground basement?

The creation of basement windows, windows and ventilation grilles If your basement is above ground, it is essential to think about the creation of windows, basement windows or ventilation grilles whose openings will be transverse.

How to successfully renovate a basement?

Operate large and deep excavations, say in full mass, on the whole of the influence of the basement. Dig an additional 1 meter around the right-of-way, if possible, to give you the opportunity to reconstitute permeable soil that is ideal for draining runoff water, especially from precipitation.

What are the effects of subsoil on humidity?

It is important to mention that the basement is a concealed surface, unlike the upper floors, which influences its humidity level. Poor ventilation can cause water infiltration, the appearance of mould, rust and even degradation of wall coverings.

How to arrange your basement?

Given the rules imposed for the development of your basement, it is clear that this new living space will increase your property tax. The rules for arranging your basement are numerous and very strict. It is advisable to respect them to avoid any problem in particular with the resale.