How to enter the adult conservatory?

How to enter the adult conservatory?

How to enter the adult conservatory?

For to enter in conservatory, you will have to pass an audition, or even several. In the conservatories national, these competitions are generally open to baccalaureate holders aged 18 to 25.

How to pass the DEM?

The initial professional cycle (or career-oriented cycle), followed in a regional or departmental conservatory, which follows the initiation cycles, makes it possible to prepare for the National Diploma in Professional Music Orientation (DNOP music) or the Diplôme d’ musical studies (DEM), according to …

How to create a conservatory?

For create a conservatory of music, you first need a place to teach. Then, apart from the administrative stage, you also need competent teachers who are no longer strangers to the world of music. The instruments from which students will learn must be available.

How to enroll in the Conservatoire?

Pre-registration requests must be submitted online from July 9 at 10 a.m. until August 22 at 3 p.m. After online registration, admission is based on a test at the end of two rounds of selection, in September: In order to validate your registration, you must submit the 1st registration form to your conservatory.

How to enroll in a music conservatory?

Open to all, the conservatories offer a wide range of music, dance and theatre. Applications for beginners take place online. Registrations beginning in music, dance or theater will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When are the results of the Conservatory communicated?

The results are communicated the same day by email or SMS, for people who do not have internet. – Your application is accepted: the conservatory will contact you at the end of June at the beginning of July to finalize your registration. Barring exceptions, the course schedule will be communicated no later than the beginning of September.

How do conservatoires communicate entrance test results?

At the end of the entrance tests, the conservatories communicate the results (successful application, retained on the waiting list, unsuccessful application), either by posting or by email (at the choice of the conservatory).